Throw Some Fun Into the Mix

Liven up your day with beverage-making supplies

Tasty, refreshing drinks are the perfect thing to pep up any weekend. That's why Jen's Mixers, Munchies and More sells everything you need to turn your liquor cabinet into a cocktail bar. You can choose from juice, soda and cocktail mixes depending on your drink of choice. Looking for garnishes and bitters,? We've got all of that and more. You can even stock up on cocktail-making tools like shakers. Once you're ready to party, you can grab a bag of ice and head out the door.

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Become an at-home bartender

Are you thirsty? Your beverage options are endless when you shop with us. Here are some easy recipes for tasty drinks made with our supplies:

  • Add tequila to our margarita mix and garnish with salt and a lime
  • Use rum to make a daiquiri blended with ice, lime juice and cocktail syrup
  • Make a virgin mojito using mint sprigs, blackberry syrup, club soda and lime

You'll be the host with the most when you present your guests with innovative beverages. Make your own today after a visit to our store.